Lewis Hamilton (might a€“ Sep 2021). Jenner started rumors that she was actually dating Brit competition automobile driver Lewis Hamilton during summer

Lewis Hamilton (might a€“ Sep 2021). Jenner started rumors that she was actually dating Brit competition automobile driver Lewis Hamilton during summer

Jenner sparked rumors that she waparkedng British race car driver Lewis Hamilton in the summer of 2021 after she was seen wearing the drivera€™s chain in a group picture with Lewis at one of his races. Hamilton, who considers Jennera€™s mom, Kris Jenner, a close friend, was seen again with the model later that year at New York Fashion Weeka€”though he denies that they were dating. a€?Me and Kendall have been friends for a while, so wea€™re just friends,a€? Hamilton told E! News.

Orlando Bloom (Summertime 2021)

Jenner has also been from the Pirates with the Caribbean celebrity during the summer 2021. 24 months after their split up from Miranda Kerr, Bloom relocated onto another design after he and Jenner had been seen on a string of times, including flicks and sushi, in la. Jenner was actually 19 at the time, while Bloom was actually 38. a€?The years huge difference doesna€™t frequently bother all of them although ita€™s too very early for possibly to tell if ita€™s browsing develop into one thing significant,a€? a resource informed sunlight.

While taking the Britannia Humanitarian prize in October 2021, Bloom dealt with the gossip, denying that he has dateda€”or also knowsa€”Jenner. a€?And we dona€™t learn Kendall Jenner, however if any person features the lady quantity I would love it,a€? the guy said.

Jordan Clarkson (

Before she rekindled her love with Styles, Jenner is reported are online dating NBA player Jordan Clarkson (whom takes on throughout the Cleveland Cavaliers with KhloA© Kardashiana€™s date Tristan Thompson) into the springtime of 2021. Gossip associated with the design and basketball playera€™s love were only available in April 2021 whenever Jenner and Clarkson uploaded video clips of each additional at Coachella collectively on Snapchat. a€?They hold activities low-key whenever theya€™re in public areas, in private theya€™re definitely together and affectionate,a€? a source told individuals. a€?Hea€™s truly into her.a€? Their relationship ended following summer time, months before Jenner reunited with kinds.

A$ap Rocky (July 2021 a€“ Sep 2021)

Jennera€™s longest & most verified union had been with rapper A$ap Rocky. The happy couple began watching each other in July 2021 whenever they happened to be viewed on a night out together in Paris, which present them eating supper, walking the town of Lighta€™s streets and meeting dancing. However, their love performedna€™t are more serious until about a-year later, whenever Jenner and Rocky are observed acquiring cozy at the 2021 Met Gala. Jennera€™s sis Kim Kardashian even shared a Snapchat of Rocky getting Jennera€™s backside as the lady more youthful sister Kylie Jenner laughed and saw.

Due to their hectic schedules, pair ceased witnessing each other in Sep 2021, though a source keeps that their partnership ended up being never ever severe.. a€?Kendall and ASAP werena€™t seeing each other a large amount. They werena€™t truly official, but are clearly online dating,a€? a resource advised Us Weekly. a€?Their schedules are really hard.a€?

Blake Griffin (August 2021 a€“ March 2021)

Jenner and Griffin began seeing both in August 2021a€”around the same time that her flirtmance with Rocky was actually wandering downa€”when they were seen making a Travis Scott concert along. 2-3 weeks later on, Jenner and Griffin comprise observed collectively again on a double go out with Hailey Baldwin and Jennera€™s rumored ex Chandler Parsons. In October, the couple proceeded another double date at common Studiosa€™ Hollywood terror evenings with Jennera€™s sibling Kylie Jenner along with her sweetheart, Travis Scott.

After November, across times Jenner finished items with Rocky, she and Griffin produced their particular connection more serious. The couplea€™s commitment had been hassle-free until February 2021 when Griffin got charged by their former gf Brynn Cameron, whom he shares two children with, for palimony. Inside the suit, Cameron alleged that Griffin a€?had no problema€? investing their, a€?his previous fiancA©e and mommy of his two kiddies, for fact tv superstar Kendall Jenner.a€? She additionally stated that Griffin a€?cared about the style of dating a Hollywood celeb than the day-to-day obligations to be a father and a household guy.a€?

It had been surrounding this times the two ended her commitment, though a source told folks it actually was because her relationship have run the coursea€”not considering any certain crisis. a€?Theya€™ve certainly cooled down and generally are taking products at a slower speed, not because of any particular drama,a€? the source mentioned.

Anwar Hadid (Summer 2021 a€“ November 2021)

Hearsay that Jenner and Hadid, the younger cousin of Gigi and Bella Hadid, comprise online dating started in June 2021 if they happened to be caught generating out-by TMZ. Santa Clara escort service After, Jenner Instagrammed a photo of Hadida€™s hands, that has the expression, a€?i enjoy you, my angela€? on their hand. The two proceeded matchmaking for a couple of period, as well as in Sep, Anwar happened to be seen with a hickey on their neck. a€?They all hang out along and Gigi and Bella actually envision theya€™re great together. Their friends envision ita€™s somewhat unusual, nevertheless works,a€? a source informed men and women.

Her union did actually end up in November whenever Jenner was seen with NBA pro Ben Simmons. Following the information that Jenner have shifted, Hadid got to their Instagram with a cryptic notice about really love: a€?we was once nervous to feel issues deeply cuz we considered like the experience of abundant joy couldna€™t become acquired forever, but honestly feeling has become my personal only way to obtain inspiration. Yet again Ia€™m not afraid to present my feelings and thoughts, I kinda feel just like everythinga€™s pretty mellow.a€?

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